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Estate Planning and Administration

Estate planning involves the process of arranging, during a person’s lifetime, for the orderly distribution of their assets.

It can also eliminate uncertainties concerning the appointment of a personal representative, the probate of the will, and the administration of the estate, as well as to minimize taxes and other expenses, while maximizing the estate’s value. At Irwin Law Office, I personally meet with you and tailor your estate plan to your specific needs, generally from start to finish in one appointment. At that time we can also assess the need for the appointment of a guardian for minor beneficiaries, naming a trustee of any testamentary trust, the drafting of a power-of attorney, and preparation of a living will.

Estate administration incudes the filing of your will at the courthouse after your demise, formally appointing the personal representative by the Register of Wills, liquidating assets, the payment of debts, expenses, and inheritance taxes, and distribution of your net estate to the appropriate heirs. I personally handle all aspects of the administration of estates entrusted to my care